Why should you use this map?

You're running a startup!

This is the place for you!

In order for us in Gothenburg to create a strong tech and startup community, all the startups needs to be a part of it. By adding your startup to this map:

  • You are showing that you are a part of the community
  • You can add job ads
  • You can find incubators, accelerator programs, financing or startup support for your startup

You're hosting events!

This is the place for you!

By promoting your events via the map you will get:

  • Exposure for your event to the entire startup scene in Gothenburg
  • Exposure towards visitors interested in the startup scene in Gothenburg
  • An opportunity to strengthen your part in the community

You're just browsing!

This is the place for you!

Here you can find all the different parts of #gbgtech - the tech and startup community in Gothenburg. You can find jobs at the startups, events hosted by and for the community, and get a good view of the startups of Gothenburg. Hope you like it!

Feel free to contact people and companies you find interesting - we would love to get in touch!


Gothenburg Startup is an interactive map that visualizes the Gothenburg entrepreneurial ecosystem and connects the Gothenburg Startup Community. It is generated by its users and organized by a group consisting of startups, support and community organizations, incubators and city representatives. When you’ve added your startup or organization on the map you can also add events and advertise job opportunities to attract talent. Of course it is all free of charge!

How to get going

Visit the map on your computer to add your organisation, event or job!

Support your startup community by being a part of it!

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